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A new search experience is available on the website. This new search experience addresses some of the top 'Voice of Customer' issues, including reducing search result clutter and presenting more targeted, relevant results.

In support of the VOC issues and to achieve better alignment with the Agilent Literature Architecture Standards, 4 publication types are being phased out:

·         Solutions. Per the Literature Architecture Standards, these will be moved to Application notes.

·         Flyers. A review of the content shows that this content type contains a short version of Brochures, Applications, Selection Guides and Quick Reference. In these cases, the publications will be moved to the more descriptive content type (to make it easier for customers to get to the content they require).
Time-based promotions should be not be published as a PDF. They should be published as a graphical “Announcement” to allow for greater visibility and easier access by the customer. Announcements are submitted through the Work Request process. Please contact your local Engagement Lead for Details.

·         Slide Presentations. A review of these publications shows a combinations of Brochures, Applications and Training. These publications will be classified to the more descriptive public type name (as Slide Presentation only communicates the format to the customer, not the content).

·         CD-Rom. These are images that were necessary to support old web functionality that is no longer in use.

If you have published to these publication types, you will be contacted shortly about next steps. Please contact Emily Moreno with any questions.